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Leave the little drops of life

The passions, about life ,recording the teaching success and failure - director of teaching work of teaching is a systematic project .Since it is a project ,must have a commander ,must have the engineer .
In the school education and teaching in this project ,the headmaster was director, this is self-evident, then ,who is an engineer ?The engineer is our dean .Director of teaching to the principal is a what kind of role ?The headmaster had make fun of ,equivalent to the man wife .
The dean is actually a coordination office ,is a combat command .While the director is the school coordinator ,is all education activities .Director of teaching should be as old as homing with superiors and subordinates -- to find the place to go ;like a cow as honest -- no matter what the bus ,only flush pull ;like a camel endurance -- resistant to hunger ,thirst ,high wind resistance ,never complain .
... ... Director of teaching should be what role ?What are the responsibilities ?How to carry out their duties ?One ,had caught a center -- Classroom Teaching in the school is the central task ,the classroom is the main position of the implementation of education and teaching ,which is composed of schools and the nature of the work task decision .
No matter how education in teaching as the central task ,the school has always been the same .The classroom as a main position position won .Director of teaching as the implementation of the central task of the leader, how to implement the management of classroom teaching ?Years of business management ,let me understand a truth ,to make the management effect ,must be targeted .
All of the management method combined with the actual school will only have effect .Through lectures ,research and other activities .I found our school teachers lack depth reflection on classroom teaching .
So I school management teaching is focused on how to guide the teacher to class in-depth reflection .How to guide teachers in the classroom teaching in-depth reflection ?From which aspects ?I think that 6 aspects should be consideredto reflect on their own teaching ( and we hope that the exchanges ) :1,whether it concerns knowledge teaching ,if they can use the knowledge itself to stimulate students interest in learning .
2 ,the teaching content is able to contact through the students real life ,the development of science and technology to activate the classroom .3 ,whether the students in the teaching of practical skills training ,whether for the students to learn the sustainable development .
4 ,whether to allow students to participate in classroom teaching ,Drama, big truck,in cooperation in the active learning ,do take the student as the main body .In 5,the teaching design is the design of scientific issues and transition ,ingenious ,make classroom teaching process reasonably and natural .
6 ,whether it concerns the classroom ,how will the in class for class wonderful deduction .In addition ,through classroom observation ,I found the classroom of high consumption and low efficiency serious phenomenon :sound ,light ,electricity -- cluster bombardment ,deprived of their imaginative power ,students lack of words read from a complacent ,since by students from enlightenment ,lack of careful reading ,Han Yong course ;classroom without chew ,missing for text understanding of depth ;the classroom focus on homogeneous reading ,reading with emotion ,but the lack of reading and writing combined training ;classroom to read ,but the lack of writing instruction ;classroom on the teacher ,but the lack of thinking training ;classroom focus on training ,but the lack of strength training, classroom pay attention to the student to speak, but the lack of teachers listen to wait .
How to change the current classroom teaching situation ,through reflection, I think we should take the following measures :teachers should change their teaching behavior .It is also the requirement of the new course reform .
Teachers should be as little as possible, to set aside time for students to read, recite ,remember ,make full use of self reading textbooks ,to enable students to accumulate ;Jingjiang more training ,www.adidasjeremyscottde.com,allow students to develop skills training ,knowledge ;to enable students to collect more information ,time ,trains the student to collect information and process information ability ;teaching should be close to the students real life ,let a student learn to life ,life ,life ,services to create life ,to stimulate students interest in learning .
According to the teachers teaching observation ,through reflection, I figured out that the teacher ,students develop a few words :teaching and research ,not professional development .Research and development of theoretic research is not real ,and not deep ,empty tired oneself .
Research and impermeable ,wasted life .Teach and do not live, no words .Living without thought ,in vain .Thinking without deep ,to innovation .Thinking and unchanged ,class will be thrown into chaos .
Chaos and do not treat, what is wisdom ?Wisdom is ,what is life ?I think every director in the guidance of teaching time, should try to avoid teaching without research ,research and disloyal ,grind and not deep ,research and impermeable ,teach and do not live ,live without thinking ,thinking without deep phenomenon .
Let our classroom management and deep ,and deep penetration ,through the new .Two ,strengthen a pattern ---- lesson two three discussion of so-called lesson two three discussion teaching mode ,in which the same lesson consists of one or more teachers, two students ,three teachers to discuss .
Use multiple research lesson grinding course ,in order to carry out the lesson as a carrier of teaching and research activities .( 1),around the lesson lesson is a lesson in grade ,group or group as a unit, ( who ?How to prepare lessons ) around this one task ,organization of teachers collective lesson preparation ,teaching contents according to the subject ,make full use of the teaching resources ,in this grade group parallel classes of teaching research .
( 2),two experience two in the collective preparation of lessons on the basis of the same grade group ,composed of one or a few teachers in different classes of two students in classroom teaching ,teachers classroom lectures ,the common experience of teaching ,teaching effect ,compared to the same materials of different teaching the efficiency of the design, and then students group teachers together to modify ,perfect teaching design .
Mature teaching design, the same teacher can be three or more times in class, even after the same grade of all the parallel class .( 3),to strengthen the three discussion first discussed is the teaching of all group members to discuss the class collective lesson preparation ,teaching focus ,difficulty ,key to decomposition ,difficulty how to break through, how to implement the three-dimensional target .
The second discussion refers to ,a ,the teacher for the first time, reflective teaching ,teaching and research group of teachers according to their feelings ,understanding ,talk about oneself and class teaching the teachers to understand the extent of the deficiencies ,lack of teaching methods ,teaching plan ,Adidas Wings,teaching ,teaching methods ,teaching design for two processing time .
The third discussion refers to ,through to the two class situation analysis ,comparative ,sum up experience ,find out more efficient teachers activities teaching method ,obtain the best teaching design .
This kind of teaching mode was put forward two big background :one is each school placement when parents sent shift ,with certain teachers ,sliver can receive a lot of ,take care of the offended the ,the school decided to make no exception ,are not allowed to pick the class ,how to make students enjoy the same quality of education ?Only 8Chinese teachers in the8class,students can feel the different teaching methods ,students 8language teachersalso have different evaluation ,home will say a teacher is good, certain teachers not, produce a certain social effect ,for some teaching skills of teachers but also spur has no sense of shame .
Two is our school to enter a number of undergraduate students ,how as soon as possible so that they stand on the podium,Henan provincial Party committee secretary Xu Guangchun through the river net friends to greet new y, promote teaching quality assured parents is a pressing matter of the moment ,but also on the new teacher responsible expression ,thus put forward the lesson two three discussion .
The school-based research form has three advantages 1)all members of everyone involved ,at least once per semester ,each grade 8language teachers,each taking a unit starting class ,just finished the whole book research task ,mathematics of four, a term can do two times .
( 2)teaching and research activities to do routine ,often change . Lesson two three discussion complete a process, requires a minimum of 5 hoursper day ,one hour ,to promote the teaching and research activities to the depth development .
( 3)forcing a teacher to listen carefully ,seriously study the spirit of the new curriculum .Listen to the teacher carefully can identify the class and the wrong point ,if you do not listen to the teacher carefully ,it is a good lesson, assessment does not reach the designated position, not to the point .
You don learn new concept ,will not be able to do a combination of theory and practice ,there is no convincing .The biggest advantage : the promotion of teachers ability development, people have to face, if rated class, you say 5 minutes,others say 10 minutes;you say 10 minutes,he can say 20 minutes ,feel embarrassed ,you also have the perception of other teachers .
Some love learning ,rated class well-founded, closely reasoned and well argued that .You don learning lesson commentary Yun Lilai living ,not to the point ,a joke ,which made the teacher to read newspapers .
The teaching and research activities of the effect is very obvious ,especially young teachers to progress quickly .At the beginning, we let the second grade Chinese teaching and research group ,made a lesson two three discussion throughout the show ,all teachers were to observe, and videos .
For the teaching and research activities to do, make ,make result, school leadership ,discipline leader were promptly ,found good practice ,with the presentation form, in the research group promotion .
( some with face ) lesson two three discussion of research pattern, optimization of both teachers ,and save time ,deep research of the teaching and learning method ,in the repeated teaching process, teachers some old habits are changing ,thinking will be expanded .
Each teacher has become a teaching activity to designers and practitioners ,a curriculum design master .They provide their own personalized teaching design ,and the exchange of experience in teaching practice ,repeatedly thinking in improving the implementation of the new curriculum ,truly realized the sharing of resources ,to share the wisdom ,teaching ability and level have been training and improving .
This lesson two three discussion of course has its limitations ,The first traffic accident,such as in the absence of classes of rural primary school is not good conduct .In fact ,if want to use this model for teaching and research ,or there will be a method .
We can take the grade expanded teaching and research group ,in the teaching and research group in the subdivision grades ,the same subject to the same grade group was changed to the same discipline with grades to carry out teaching and research .
Such as low grade can be teaching as the subject of collective preparation of lessons ,high grade to reading as a grade section .There is also a method, also can be in the form of teaching community ,with brother school ,with grades teachers collective preparation of lessons .
That is ,the lesson two three discussion is a research pattern, not the teacher classroom teaching mode .On the teachers mode ,we should understand ,teachers with curriculum power and class free ,director to believe that teachers are professionals ,design teaching ,choose the teaching method of the power and freedom .
As long as it is conducive to the development of students teaching method ,is correct .Teaching mode for our director of teaching can develop the movement ,but for the teachers classroom teaching mode ,should not be unified standard .
Encourage teachers in basic education under the guidance of the principle of relative free implementation of classroom teaching ,promoting teaching mode all flowers bloom together .Three ,catch good team - - - - - the training of young teachers young teachers are the school sustainable development strength ,seize them seize the school development in the future .
( a ) ,activities ,for the young teachers to build a stage to show themselves to teach director has responsibility and should be good for the young teachers to set up the stage ,is provided to display space ;to do measure to fulfil ,Adidas Porsche Design,powerful guarantee .
A platform is to carry out various activities ,let the young teachers in the activities of exercise ,to experience the joy of success ,stimulate the education teaching interest and enthusiasm .
In recent years, our school around raise classroom efficiency ,carried out the following activities 1)the classroom assessment -- get popularity ( everyone involved in the class ,scoring ,the teaching and research group leader 30%,teachers scoring 70%)(2 )research lesson -- catch on ( to explore the suitable teaching ,students learning method ) ( 3)public class -- catch fulfil (for a topic ,to provide an exchange case ) ( 4)demonstration lesson -- catch oriented ( guiding classroom ,promoting effective development ) (5 )class quality evaluation -- push new ( 6)school level teaching expert -- with rookie (7 )backbone teachers show class -- pushing teachers ( teachers establish learn by example ) (8 )the teacher teaching -- catch lead ( play teacher radiation effects) ( 9)lesson two three -- Research on teaching materials ,teaching method ,learning method ( the creation of study atmosphere ,promote teachers ) ( 10)pushed the door catch class -- normal ( see teachers examination class ,open class on the palate ,usually can achieve ?We increased efforts to check attendance system ,push the door ,then point class ,to which section to which day ,no matter who ,not evade, also develop to push the door system of attending a lecture .
The operation should pay attention to in advance notice of what time to push the door class, although not to the specific person ,but also to give teachers a psychological preparation time ,attending the purpose is to promote teachers ,can not let teachers for the not free .
This pushed the door listening system ,according to the teachers in the school situation ,use caution .) (11 )-- Reflection on the education of teachers pay promotion ( class to write a reflection ,week in week article .
For the young teachers to discriminate between ,on the young teachers to lead ,ask ) (12 )teachers -- catch collision ( their own ideas ,good practice to write in my blog ) ( 13)reading report meeting -- increasing exchanges ( on reading ,especially in teaching to create the school reading atmosphere ,develop teachers and students shared reading activities ,let the campus reading ) ( 14)the paper competition -- touch base ( why the scene of the game? The teacher plagiarism ,usually do not learn ,launched on the papers out jokes ,change stoutly .
Such as : the term question :how to use the class generated resources ,guide the students to learn effectively .On the semester teaching expert selection :four links, democratic evaluation ,classroom lectures ,theory testing ,on-site papers ) (15 )published in teacher education narrative reflection set -- tree model ( assembled in 20 teachersreflection set ,Wang Sheng teacher themselves out of the 5 )( 16)blue project -- Development ( twinning training ,accelerate promotion .
) ( 17)the chalk word ,Mandarin competition -- Foundation ( rural schools can properly reduce the middle-aged teachers and Chinese teachers of Mandarin .) in addition to the routine activities, we also organized a young teachers study group ,in addition to the two weekly teaching activities, Thursday afternoon after two classes ,organizing them famous lesson ,reading educational masterpieces ,learning experience .
Secondly ,nonsked organization they open classes ,study class ,demonstrative class ,let them say ,course evaluation .In third ,regularly carry out a splendid exchange thirty , ,I didactic lectures ,learning contents ,curriculum spirit into their teaching methods ,teaching wisdom ,forming individual teaching style .
On the classroom teaching prominent ,arrange for them to send to participate in the Qufu municipal class ,the classroom competition (the city assigned to our basic skills ,excellent course ,teaching experts places ,we took out 30% ratioto young teachers) ,hone their .
Some young teachers to upgrade quickly ,the basic realization of the three to class ,take a firm platform ;to say ,the combination of theory and practice ,can comment the lesson ,find out the advantages and disadvantages of class can do lectures .
In addition ,our school held in every academic year teaching young teachers in the teaching section to fully display their talent .On the teaching of teacher teaching on the leading role of Wang Sheng in the city of Jining ,our school teaching and research of advanced personal experience exchange meeting said: our school in every academic year held in teaching in the teaching section ,school teacher all battle, each stage .
This time I will try various devices to transfer classes to hear every teacher lesson .Check points ,such as teacher teaching design have great originality ,Li language vivid ,teacher Wang teaching structure freely flowing style of writing .
.. ... They are my learning resources .Imperceptibly ,teaching theory and teaching experience, profound knowledge ,education is familiar .( two) ,evaluation of teacher reflection ,guidance teachers growth case :since the 06 years since ,I always busy in the work of teaching reflection ,teach yourself ,would like to write ,think seriously about teaching of gain and loss, and adhere to the time of writing teaching reflection .
Through the writing of teaching reflection, feel the education level rises with each passing day ,research and education level of reflective writing is getting more mature .In 2007, the school I published educational narrative album a ;2008school Ipublished educational narrative album three ;teachers ,cannot leave the teaching reflection .
Teacher is inseparable from the teaching reflection .This is my school teachers to reflection positioning .Professor Ye Lan said :a teacher writes teaching plan all one may not be teacher ,if a teacher to write three years teaching reflection is likely to become a teacher .
Visible teaching reflection in teacher occupation career in component .It can be said ,since in the course reformation, our school teachers reflection becomes a required course .Write reflection has become my school curriculum reform in the beautiful scenery line .
If the interpretation of beautiful scenery line actor is the teacher ,our director is beautiful scenery line director .How to director good reflection this beautiful scenery ?Is our dean adhere to the teachers reflective writing reviews .
According to my personal experience ,I think that reviews the role but kill two birds with one stone ,is a guide ,it is incentive .Such as :from Lu Wenpeng to read you write reviews ,educational narrative research is a kind of enjoyment ,thinking unique, in depth .
Fluent ,can be said that every phrase a gem .Examples of live ,from your own classroom ,may you insist ,will become teachers with thoughts ,usually ,to strive for the model classes ,open class ,to exercise their own, because you have the potential to teacher .
Kong Linglei reviews :listen to your coaching Seasons ,leave deep impression to me ,one is you always pay attention to the student, two is the language of the highly infectious ,you are a very good teacher .
Read love with Sun Long ,more let me moved ,as just to participate in the work of young teachers is valuable .But I give you a bit of hope ,you should timely record and child, classroom on the story, the accumulation of their own teaching practice ,formed a unique practical wisdom ,wish you an early talent showing itself !Work hard ,be successful !She have a job 03 years ,05 years to obtainprovincial products quality class first prize .
On the personal collection of volumes of educational narrative I personally as they wrote the preface to Zhang Quanmiao :such as under the sun motif footprint wrote: since 03 years into thecurriculum reform, the teachers to promote reading ,writing the reflection ,a dazzling bright phearl continue to appear in front of us ,amazing ,Zhang is one of A .
They kept on classroom ,reduced errors, improve classroom efficiency ,highlight the students vitality ;constantly practice ,reflection depth sublimation ,being tempered their educational ideas ,make themselves mature .
Wish in reflection ,practice on the road to adhere to adhere to, go further ,fly higher .Practice has proved ,director of teaching reading teachers ,is a teachers encouragement, director of teaching actively to the teacher reflective writing reviews ,is to implement the guiding role ,director of teaching the teachers reflective edited volume ,to promote learning ,is the greatest recognition and reward teachers .
Director approval ,will be written for teachers reflection provides great spiritual power .A few words of encouragement ,a few lines of encouraging words ,can make we deduce a reflective teaching has beautiful scenery ,what is there against it ?( three) ,click on the blog of teachers, pay attention to the teacher development along with the popularization of information technology ,the blog educational research has become a new way for teachers development ,especially for the young teachers growth provides a fully display their ability on the stage .
Blog and teaching reflection in comparison, more the authenticity of certain .The teacher regard their blog for personal space ,so ,they are for teaching idea and confused ,be without reservation ,records in the blog .
Often click on the blog of teachers, can truly understand our teacher ,at any time to provide guidance and help ;at the same time ,can be closer and the teachers ,and they become friends .
I think for each director of teaching ,and teachers to become friends ,a like-minded friends ,become partners in the cause ,it is the most happy things .Our city has the research platform ,Shandong province also has a teaching and research network .
These are very good teaching and research platform .Can lead teachers often click ,in the course of time ,the teacher always browse ,will form the teaching habits .Practice has proved ,teacher blog ,is helpful for teachers to improve teaching and research .
A teacher is so described blogging about their growing role :have a blog ,education in the sky not in lonely ,has a blog ,education way with many rational thinking ,has a blog ,teaching research with the touch of life .
Guide teachers to do their best blog ,also want to have a blog .If you do not own blog ,then used to stroll in the teacher .My school teacher Wang Sheng ,are in the Sina and education community opened a blog ,( 1+1educationcommunity blog home page address :Sina blog spring park three ,have a consciousness, service consciousness society has entered into a service network ,each person in the service to others at the same time ,also enjoy other services .
As a manager is more such ,director of teaching in the education teaching management plays an important role ,to improve the school teaching management level .To foster a sense of service ,service for the teacher ,student services, for the service ,to do the teacher teacher ,good friends ,good principal staff officer .
First of all for the teacher services ,whether teachers rating class ,open class ,demonstrative class ,course of study ,demonstration lesson ,must listen carefully, in good faith to the teachers put forward to modify an opinion or suggestion .
At the same time ,the dean to often and some top teachers ,encouraging them to strive for further improvement .In the exchange of around be learned in books ,teach ,and never lose heart ,calm Shu in four aspects, sincere communication and exchange .
Middle aged teachers in need of our services ,youth teachers need .Just for the recruitment of teachers ,especially the need for education management personnel with the help and care .Last year we study recruited 15 new teachers,the school next week to give them a twinning ,thanks to the teacher .
Request, each new teachers have to listen to master the two classes ,lesson preparation to take the initiative to master marking .To master responsibility ,task ,the apprentice preparing lessons carefully examine ,every week to listen to apprentice classes cannot be less than three day ,after listening to that change .
Years ago launched a new teachers contest ,namely: preparation ,than ,than education ,than class narrative than homework correcting .Select one or two ,three prize .In the lectures to see their progress, gratified .
All in all ,in the final analysis ,our starting point and standpoint of all work is for students ,is to promote the development of students .So before any work ,to think ,this work is good for the development of the students .
To the teachers course is so ,organization of teaching activities is so .As a pupil ,like most is the activity ,so in the dean plans must arrange proper student activities ,such as student competition ,competition activities ,sports ,science and technology of small production and other activities ,to provide students with a stage to demonstrate their .
Finally, to say is for the service .This is our we teach executive decision .I remember a vice-chancellor of the director said a word ,in fact, the school work of all director to do ,if the school is compared to a table, the table surface is ,director is the four leg .
That is to say ,the face on the job, director to do real support .The principal macro work ,director should do concrete work .The management is the protagonist ,director is the supporting role ,the headmaster is safflower ,director to be green .
Now the school is the principal responsibility system, simply from the responsibility for this angle ,we are the principal services .How for the service ?One is the own work must do their own .
Their own duties within the scope of work to make a prompt decision ,decision making .Don look for the president to seek methods ,important matter bagatelle to the headmaster to give instructions .
For example ,common on the teachers management ,to classroom teaching assessment method ,on a teacher guidance and so on, director must have specific details of the scheme ,in the scheme is nodded, the specific implementation ,we teach director to responsible for everything ,there is little doubt to have difficulty try to solve ,can not be pushed .
The principal from the tedious things free ,do he have to do ,to think he should go to decision-making ,train of thought .The two is if the principal out not at school, some of the work will bear for principals ,such as reception led the raid ,solve the teachers questions and so on .
Of course ,the principal is in place, we teach director timely up, but when dealing with problems ,must be in accordance with the usual way of processing ,don say :the principal account .
There is a saying: one should reach the designated position ,put in place to have ,to fill a vacancy ,fill not offside .Of course ,we should have service consciousness ,service for teachers ,as the principal service ,are in fact for student services .
For the service ,is to allow the president to help students develop a decision and train of thought ,for teachers, is to allow teachers to actively involved in education and teaching work ,for students development ,at the same time in the implementation of the teaching process, to realize their own value .
Here ,director to ask ,who serve us ?I say the president to serve us, teachers for our services, students also serve us, who we serve ,who in our service ,service is mutual .The headmaster came up to the school development strategy ,for our teaching plan nod ,this is us ,teachers can be conscientious and do one in class ,preparing lessons ,correcting homework ,it is for our service ,because this is our duty, teachers as is there to help us to perform our duties .
The healthy growth of students ,develop a serious reading ,writing and other good habits ,but for us also, director of teaching service ,because the director control child growth .That is ,the service is a network ,as long as we have the awareness of yourself into the network service ,your service to others at the same time ,others are for your service .
So ,have service consciousness ,is our dean required a consciousness ,service to society ,director of teaching work extremely favorable ,society service ,in coordination with the headmaster and teachers of the relationship is very important ,remember ,on any occasion, before anyone ,we always service .
And it is a rational service .We are supporting role ,will be a best supporting actor ,we are green ,be a most vibrant green leaves .Four ,exercise a kind of ability - learning ability of Harvard Business School professor David in his book pusher enterprise stressed : Nowadays, the competition between the enterprise is the learning rate for .
When the internal change speed is less than the external change speed, your end .Learning is not only a kind of mentality ,it should be a way of life .Who will learn ,who will succeed .The new curriculum reform and new teaching theory ,the new theory of education and teaching innovation teaching new concept .
In the educational reform innovation ceaselessly today, only to strengthen learning ,to adapt to the new century education reform and development need ,only learning ,ability and when all is entered ,was not the obsolete .
In the finishing of this lecture time, I want to follow the teaching management of train of thought and the exchange of everyone, the lecture ,08 years in Zouchengteaching time ,the effect is very good .
I am very satisfied .Three years later, when I look at the lecture time, feel some contents need to change ,need to do further supplement .For example, lesson two three discussion fits in with the university to carry out parallel class ,for the majority of the small schools ,especially in Zoucheng ,here also like this ,there are dozens of students in the school it is often seen.
,and in only a few teachers ,dozens of students in the school of business leadership, should how to begin the work ,not to description ,so in this lecture ,I added some .Also, in teaching management of I has gone to great lengths to speak to construct a teaching model of things ,here today and I don to explain, because through learning I know ,for teaching mode many experts have different opinions ,expert appeal to teachers power and free ,do not advocate teachers should organize the classroom teaching with what mode ,all I ,as director ,must insist on learning ,with learning ability ,able to learn in order to practise .
This point is very important ,the idea source in my learning .( see the related teaching mode learning education Yang Lei : defending the teachers and class free ) over the years I through various forms ,business theory study also suggested that the director for a year of business study undertook specific plan .
Reading newspapers every day ,not less than 2 hours ( if the Dean does not have enough time ,can be every day for half an hour or an hour out ,it is important to adhere to ) .According to my learning experience and harvest ,I recommend four kinds of learning content or the way :first ,a careful reading of an three print namely: China Education News ,people ,primary school language teachers ,primary school mathematics teachers .
Good article ,practices and timely extract or presentation .Second ,reading system of education works ,such as Zhao Lingling nothing is more important than success ,everything ,www.adidasjeremyscottit.com,fulfil detail decides success or failure ,to be a happy teacher ,heart ,win the hearts and other famous decoding .
In the process of reading ,slowly realize the essence of education ,awareness and education teaching management, you will imperceptibly enriched education teachers ideas ,a silent lubricant to build its own education teaching thought .
The three is to listen to the lecture ,listen to reflect ,in listening to find ,in the famous dialogue ,listening with famous thinking collision .For example, Tao Jixin with Confucius school teacher ,famous pulpit exposition of Guo Ning heart ,where Cui Qisheng led the successful running of Dulangkou ,Xue Ruiping ,Zhang Xinzhou massive reading education return to the origin ,by watching the reflection, we will feel the outside world ,education really it is very wonderful ,but should not be kneeling reading ,to have their own thoughts .
Four is go to study, broaden their horizons ,to understand the current education situation .If there is a chance ,that Dean out learning .Although many of the pathways ( network learning ,reading ) ,but to learn to go out is a kind of brainstorming ,we can get in a short period of time ,the larger harvest .
In April 1st last year -- in April fourteen taking part in the Jining city organization of China Normal University senior class ,for a period of 15 days,results quite abundant ,feeling is quite deep .
On study class ,deeply by Professor Ye Lan disciple Li Zhengtao professor of professionalism ,to the classroom teaching of Chinese love attitudes infection: his in-depth first-line make survey, each week to contact their school classes 5 days,back to school ,then to write research reports, put forward the reform direction for next week .
The two-day weekend to prepare school management magazine .The education of passion and feeling ,it is worth learning .I have to admit that ,due to the school funds and other reasons ,a lot of director no go learning opportunities ,but I feel that if we really want to learn ,there is always a way .
For example ,every year in our city will organize a lot of learning ,but also are scheduled for weekends ,we can take some free learning .Nearby counties also oganizes organizes training learning ,conditional can also participate in the .
Go to study,http://adidasjeremyscottit.com, do not have to go very far ,as long as there is a kind of learning the meaning, have certain ability to learn ,we can learn something . No one has Wen ,Wu Tao Yan good scholars who do not learn? !In addition ,as director of teaching and learning will learn Confucius learning spirit ,because the identification of the cause of Confucius ,after the age of fifteen but no learning conditions .
Is equivalent to our university or graduate from high school .Like Confucius family status ,he should be engaged in other work .But he is not willing to study at school ,everywhere ,I ,school teacher Xiang in ten ,five and willing to learn ,that are available at their own expense .
In five ,has a habit ,habit of reflection reflection is a habit ,is a kind of ability .Reflection is a teacher growth catalyst ,is business leadership success boosters .According to the director duties ,as a director must have the following six aspects of the ability of reflection .
I think that the ability of reflection maximum embodiment is able to correctly analyze the problems ,and to find out the effective way to solve the problem .( a ) ,business inspection on

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